Golf Instruction For Hustling? Chipping As a Proposition Bet

If you like hustling at golf, if you enjoy gambling at golf and winning money from your opponents than you simply must expand your opportunities. In order to really “take the money off”, you can’t just bet skins or Nassaus but you’ll have to make proposition bets wherever the situation comes about.

During a round, there might be dozens of opportunities to make extra bets that you must make and press any edge that you can get. Hustling isn’t about cheating or sandbagging, its all about knowing when you have an edge and pressing it. One of the most profitable proposition golf bets I make on a regular basis while hustling, or gambling, at golf is when I am on the fringe of the green and I’m looking at a fairly short chip.

This short chip, right near the edge of the putting green, has become a serial money maker for me ever since I began to practice the following tip. Before we get into it, you might agree that even experienced golfers sometimes shorten their stroke and “jab” at the ball when they attempt a short chip ausing the ball to hop around and usually be off-line.

I like this fact about people because I know I’m going to win the hole and make my money and it’s extremely predictable. For us though, we’re going to turn this tendency into cash and here’s a good way for you to kill the nerves and stop flipping the clubhead at the ball.

One excellent suggestion is to channel the late, great Bruce Lee. That’s right, we’re going to karate chop this bad boy right next to the cup. Here’s how to practice:

Without your wedge, get in your normal position to hit a chip. Bring your left hand away and rest it loosely on your left thigh. Swing your right arm back as if you’re about to hit a 12-yard chip and come back down your target line with your right palm facing away from your body as it passes over the ball (where your clubhead would strike it).

By “karate chopping” your way through the impact zone, you’ll eliminate that excess wrist movement and feel smoother through impact because you’re no longer “flipping” the club at the ball.

Now practice this drill over and over with a wedge in your hands and both hands on the club. Trust me, you’ll never again feel uncertain or nervous when you are just off the green. In fact I’m confident that you’ll actually look forward to being 10-15 yards from the pin, knowing that the money’s already in the hole.

Make the most of this opportunity at all times by pressing for extra gambling ventures here and bet, bet, bet that you will get the ball within a certain radius of the pin. Force yourself to make this bet here every time.

Two things will happen. You’ll both make and win the bet or you’ll keep loosening up your opponents and get them into the habit of accepting your proposition bets.

The looser your opponent is and the more out of control you seem, the more money you’ll win from him over the round. Make sure to sign up for my free newsletter for more hustling tips and to learn how to really press any edges and advantages we can get to make that money.

Thanks for reading. Good luck, good hustling.

Big Freddy Kaboot

“As long as there’s been golf, there’s been gambling. And

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